Does natural soap lather and clean well? Does it last?

Absolutely! One of the beauties of making my own soap is that I can control the lather depending on the ratio of oils I use and the purpose of the soap. The shave bar has a tight lather where the wash bars have the light fluffy bubbles we all love. As far as cleansing, natural soap is a wonderful cleanser without stripping or irritating the skin.

  As far as life of your soap, if you keep it dry and up out of the water in-between uses, your bar can last months.

Are your soaps "lye free"?

  Yes. However, real soap cannot be made without lye but when done correctly there are no lye molecules remaining after the saponification process is over, therefore my final product is lye free and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. I also only use food grade lye, which is utilized in the production of pretzels and tortillas! 

Is your soap hypoallergenic?

Considering some of my soaps have traces of fragrance and/or essential oils and I am a mathematician, I am not willing to say ‘yes’ with 100% certainty, but I can say that many people with claims of having the most sensitive or problematic skin use, and love, my goat milk, oatmeal & honey soap. Goat milk is hypoallergenic and considered one of the gentlest soaps made. I have clients who only buy this soap for that reason to use for themselves or their babies and children. No one has come to me with any adverse effects from any of my products. When in doubt, try a test patch. 

Is it possible to pick up at the farm if I am local?

Please do! It will save you the shipping  cost and will give us a chance to meet and chat about any specific needs you may have. If you want to pick up here at the farm, please email me before ordering off of the website. I can be reached at SevernWoodsSoapworks@gmail.com

and there is always a cash discount!

Aren't store bought bars just as good?

 Absolutely not! 

Did you know that when real soap is processing, the good stuff will rise to the top of the batch? Commercial companies skim that off and sell it off for high profit to cosmetic companies and leave the rest to your “beauty bars”. I mix all of that good stuff back in to each batch giving all the benefits back to you.

As a matter of fact, many wash products cannot even be labeled as soap — because they aren't— they are DETERGENT bars!    

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! I absolutely love the ideas that I get from my customers. I do everything from shower favors, appreciation gifts, and custom special occasion baskets to bulk orders for those who cannot get enough to creating a formulation to meet specific skin needs and concerns. I can also add just about anything you want from exfoliants to herbs to healing clays. We are only limited by your imagination. Always feel free to ask and I will work with you to fit your needs and your budget.