From the Fire - The Process


Firefighters, Soap Makers, Chimney Sweeps, and St. Florian

Did you know that these three professions share the same patron saint? This is because all of these professions both historically and modern day work with heat and fire.

"Florian was sentenced to be burned at the stake. Standing on the funeral pyre, Florian is reputed to have challenged the Roman soldiers to light the fire, saying "If you do, I will climb to heaven on the flames." Apprehensive of his words, the soldiers did not burn Florian, but executed him by him drowning in the Enns River with a millstone tied around his neck."



Why I "Hot Process" My Soaps

  There are 2 ways to make soap from scratch. One is cold processing and the other is hot processing which is how soap has been made for all of time. Although the hot process (essentially boiling the oils and lye) creates a more rustic looking bar, I prefer it for 2 reasons. 

  The first is that the soap is immediately ready to use. There is no wait time (up to 6 weeks for cold process) for the mixture to turn to soap. This gives me a fast turn around time for orders.

  Secondly, I have a really strong sense of smell and do not care for the 'base note' or what smell you get as you use the product of cold processed soap. I have not personally had luck with cold process therefore I stick with what I have perfected. 


Additives and Extras. Customize for You!

With the quick turn around time, the sky is the limit for additives. Some of my more popular additives are a loofah slice (pictured), shredded loofah for exfoliation, pumice (fine), sand - yes, sand for a super scrub, charcoal, herbs, clays, spices and much more. I can even encase a special gift in the bar. Let your imagination run!

What Goes In


The Oils

The Oils

The Oils

Coconut, Sweet Almond, Hemp, Shea, Kukui, and Olive just to name a few. All food grade or better. No pomace-grade or animal fats.


The Cook

The Oils

The Oils

One crock pot full at a time is all I do. I have to first calculate the oils and lye ratio and the carefully watch it as it cooks so that I can add what I need at various stages.



The Oils


After using natural soaps you won't want to go back to store bought. You will notice a change in your skin after about a week where it is smoother, softer and clearer. Happy and nourished skin radiates. Be ready for compliments!


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