About SWS

  I begin by thanking you. Thank you for visiting my page and supporting my very small business. I truly believe in what I am doing but cannot do this without your support. 

  So here I am with this dream that is slowly becoming a reality. I am a regular person, a high school teacher, who began this journey with the birth of my second child. It seemed that she had skin reactions to almost everything that I washed her with. As I began reading the labels of the products I was using, even those that are touted as being “natural” and “gentle”, I noticed that they were filled with additives, chemicals, preservatives, and other unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. 

  Commercially produced bars would crack over time and they always left a filmy and dry feeling on our skin, but that was simply what we had become accustomed to.

I knew I could do better. 

I had to do better. 

Your skin is your largest and most  absorbent organ. 

  Knowing this, I began researching and experimenting with different recipes and found, through trial and error, some very effective and gentle combinations from Mother Nature. 

  The people that were my “test subjects” quickly became customers and they spread the word about the quality of my products. My daughter’s skin stopped reacting and my own, aging yet acne-prone and rough skin, cleared up and smoothed out beautifully. 

  My concern for what is put on our bodies and the bodies of our children expanded to other skin care such as moisturizers and deodorants. In addition, I also want to make skincare fun with my moisturizing bath bombs, Butt Ugly Shave Bars, Momma's Thick Ass Lotion for Bone Dry Skin, and products for our 4-legged family members. Healthy skin is for the entire family!

   I believe that being healthy is not just what you put in to your body but what you put on it as well. Making the change to natural products is one of the easiest things that you can do; Your body will thank you for it.   

  Therefore, I am constantly researching and searching for new methods, recipes and oils that are earth-friendly, affordable and good for you.  

Why Severn Woods Soapworks?  

I buy local when I can, organic and sustainable when it counts, and always small batch to ensure the best quality products.

Making Natural Skincare Affordable is My Goal

  The cosmetic industry is a money making machine. Add the words “Natural” or “Organic’ on the label and you pay twice the price. I don’t find this fair. Good health should not be cost prohibitive. I purchase the highest quality, always food-grade, and organic (when it makes sense), at the best prices I can find. I try to keep all of my buying as local as possible so that I can personally ensure the quality while keeping costs down. My bars, if properly cared for, last a long time, and my lotions and deodorants go a long way because I don’t add water or “fluff” ingredients to make you use more at a time. Even luxuries such as my moisturizing bath bombs start at $1!  

Keeping it Simple is Key

  I only use high quality oils such as coconut, olive and Shea. Most of my soaps, for example, have no more than 5-6 ingredients, all of which you can pronounce. I use a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils to give the soaps different scents and skin loving properties. Since essential oils have true health benefits where fragrance oils are simply for adding scent, fragrance oils are used sparingly being less than 2% of the total batch. Any colorants used in the soaps are derived from natural clays or herbs. I also use real tea, coffee, pumpkin and other ingredients to create natural scent and texture while adding nourishing properties to each bar. 

Small Batches Maintains Quality

  I find that smaller batches yield higher quality products. Therefore I make my soap one crockpot at a time and my lotions, deodorants and batch bombs one mixing bowl at a time.